Exclusive products from fabric "SCREENTEX"      


 Biopolar bioenergetic fabric "SKREENTEX" and products from it - is the result of the introduction of high-tech and high-tech developments of Russian scientists, engineers, technologists and designers of the Rocket - Space Complex.

   Exclusive products and unique technologies of the SKREENTEX Company make it possible to implement health-improving, restorative and preventive programs of bio-energetic correction of the human body with no analogues in the World with high efficiency !.

   All results of the use of products and programs of the SKREENTEX Company are checked and analyzed using modern instruments of integrated computer testing, both of the human body as a whole and its functional systems separately.

Protects and Restores the body from electromagnetic radiation and much more.



Bioenergetic Therapy Fabric

   Regular use of Bioenergetic Bioactive Blanket or other products allows you to ptotect and quickly restore the bioenergy field of the human body and normalize the impaired processes of its vital activity.

   Restores human bioenergy field using the unique properties of the biopolar tissue SCREENTEX made using modern space and nanotechnology.

   The basis of the existing mechanism of recovery of the fabric is the energy-information interaction of the human body (or rather, its bioenergy field) with the bioactive fabric, which, on the one hand, reduces the effects on the body of external anthropogenic electromagnetic radiation, and, on the other hand, reflects and diffuses (redistributes) Electromagnetic radiation coming from the person himself in a wide range of frequencies - from infrared to microwave. Its own electromagnetic radiation returned to the human body helps to restore the activity of its central nervous system, activate its own general immunity, stimulate intracellular photochemical reactions and, as a result, leads to the improvement of individual systems and organs, as well as the human body as a whole.

   As practice has shown, even 40 ... 60 minutes a day turning back into a Sheet is enough to trigger the mechanisms of bio-energy recovery of the human body.

   What is the energy strength of the Screentex bioactive blankets?

 1. Normalizes the central nervous system!

 2. Normalizes sleep!

 3. Increases stress resistance!

 4. Normalizes blood pressure!

 5. Reduces muscle tension!

 6. Enhances immunity!

 7. Eliminates headaches!

 8. Accelerates metabolism!

 9. Increases stamina, gives strength and energy!

 10. Increases potency and libido!

 11. Great for kids of any age! Helps with ADD, sleep and more without medications!

 12. Slows aging process and minimizes inflamation!

Fabric SCREENTEX, from which the sheet is sewn, is light, well breathable, natural, non-toxic, withstands repeated regular washing in warm water with ordinary detergents, without losing its properties for years to come.


  • Important note: 
    Please note that the bioactive material is not a conventional medical therapy method and can not replace a visit to your doctor and / or alternative practitioner! 
    As an energy product, Bioactive Substance is excluded from the right of return or exchange.




    All about the company or The art of being healthy without drugs

    The more persistent new technologies are being introduced into our lives, the more you begin to understand how dependent people are. 

    We are dependent on everything that civilization presents to us: from the omnipresent technology, attractive but unhealthy food, crazy rhythm of life. 

    We are addicted to stress, from the chaotic "energy attacks" in close trolley buses and subways. And all our problems (illness, sleep disturbance, irritability, etc.) are just the result of a rough invasion of our biological field.

    The Company undertook to solve this problem, which developed a material capable of protecting a person from energies alien to the organism and eliminating the consequences of an invasion in the human biofield.


    Screentex today

    The uniqueness of the fabric created is that it is able to work at the level of energy impact. It corrects the human biofield and is able to launch the deep self-healing mechanisms that are inherent in each of us.

    Fabric Screentex can act as an independent element of human treatment, when violations are fixed exactly at the level of the biofield.

    In the process of using tissue products, a dosed re-reflection of the body's own radiation of the human body occurs at the frequencies at which the affected area is restored.

    If there are serious physical changes in the body, then the most effective use of the “Screentex” tissue will be treatment in combination with medication.

    The efficacy of its use is confirmed by the diploma of the association of reflexologists, issued by the Founder and President of the Company to Titomir Alexander Kozmovich - a person who became a legend of Russian science and was awarded the Eurasian Anti-Terrorism Center for his help and assistance in combating terrorism, drug trafficking and counterfeit.

    Today, fabric is growing in popularity day by day. It is produced in industrial volumes and is in demand not only in Russia, but also in a number of other countries: the USA, Bulgaria, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Moldova. The geography of the representative offices of the Company is expanding every year.