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BIOACTIVE FABRIC - The Fabric of the Future

 Biopolar bioenergetic fabric and products from it are the result of the introduction of the high-tech developments of  scientists, engineers, technologists and designers of space-faring rockets.

   Exclusive products and unique technologies make it possible to implement health-improving, restorative and preventative programs of bio-energetic correction of the human body, with high efficiency.

   All results of the use of these products are checked and analyzed using modern instruments of integrated computer testing, both of the human body as a whole and its functional systems separately.


Protects and restores the body from electromagnetic radiation, and much more

The art of being healthy without drugs


BioActive Therapy Fabric

   Regular use of the Bioenergetic Bioactive Blanket or other products allows you to protect and quickly restore the bioenergy field of your body and normalize the impaired processes of its vital activities.

   It restores the human bioenergy field using the unique properties of the bioactive fabric made using modern space and nanotechnology.

   The basis of the existing mechanism of recovery of the fabric is the energy-information interaction of the human body (or rather, its bioenergy field) with the bioactive fabric, which, on the one hand, reduces the effects on the body of external anthropogenic electromagnetic radiation, and on the other hand, reflects and diffuses (redistributes) Electromagnetic radiation coming from the person himself in a wide range of frequencies - from infrared to microwave. A person's own electromagnetic radiation returning to the body helps to restore the activity of its central nervous system, activate its own general immunity, stimulate intracellular photochemical reactions and, as a result, leads to the improvement of individual systems and organs, as thus the human body as a whole.

   Practice has shown that just 40-60 minutes a day of laying under the Sheet is enough to trigger the mechanism of bio-energy recovery in the human body.

   What are the benefits of Bioactive Therapy Fabric?

   Normalizes the central nervous system

   Normalizes sleep

   Increases stress resistance

   Normalizes blood pressure

   Reduces muscle tension

   Enhances immune system

   Eliminates headaches

   Accelerates metabolism

   Increases stamina, strength and energy

   Increases potency and libido

   Great for kids of any age - Helps with ADD, sleep and more without medications

   Slows aging process and minimizes inflammation

   Reduces duration and pain of medical treatment (surgeries, medication, etc.)

   Protects and Restores the body from electromagnetic radiation

Bioactive Fabric is light, breathable, natural, non-toxic, and withstands repeated regular washing in warm water with ordinary detergents - without losing its properties for up to 50 washes.


  • Important note: 
    Please note that bioactive material is not a conventional medical therapy method, and cannot replace a visit to your doctor or alternative practitioner! 
    As an energy product, Bioactive Substance is excluded from the right of return or exchange.