Exclusive products from fabric "SCREENTEX"      







March 31, 2019 Interview with Alecsandr Titomir, Doctor of Technical Sciences, President of SKRINTEX on the Mediametrics    channel in the “Image of Time” program




October 31, 2018 Ambassadors of Cote di Vouar and Benin were among the first to acquire our unique Baseball Caps from the biopolar fabric "SKRINTEX"



October 25, 2018   We started the production of baseball caps from SCRINTEX fabric!




September 10, 2018   Launched the second line for the production of fabric "SKRINTEX"! The output of finished products increased by 2.5 times!




September 25, 2017   Program Robert Stein (Germany). Interview with Alexander Titomir



September 4, 2017   Hitoshi Hirano. Interview with Alexander Titomir



August 4, 2017   Very interesting information from the USA !!!

The film “127 Hours” (USA and Great Britain) is a true story of the mountaineer and conqueror of canyons Aron Ralston, who in 2003 spent nearly six days in a mountain cleft after his hand was clamped with a stone weighing more than 300 kilograms. The role of Ralston brilliantly played a popular Hollywood artist James Franco. The film accurately recreated the set of equipment that Ralston had with him. In addition to one detail - the biopolar SCRINTEX fabric was added to the equipment !!! The fact is that in 2008, the film's director Danny Boyle received a sheet from SCRINTEX fabric from Russia as a gift. He was delighted with the properties of this fabric and almost never parted with it. And when the shooting of the film began, he added his SCRINTEX sheet to the climber's outfit, especially since its weight is only 300 grams !!!



April 5, 2016

Popular people of Lithuania are purchasing products from SCRINTEX fabric! 
Raimondas Shilanskas is an actor on the Lithuanian TV, the only and unbeatable King of anecdotes.



March 7, 2016

The leaders of the elite billiard club "KINO" in Moscow purchased as a gift by March 8 shawls and scarves made of SCREENTEX fabrics to their daughters Ole and Masha.



February 16, 2016

The leaders of sports organizations are happy to use products from the SCRINTEX fabric.

Yakimets Petr Ivanovich

Head of Sporting Events

Domashchenko Andrei Mikhailovich

President of the National Army Sports Association

February 12, 2016

Leading instructors of an elite Fitness Club in Moscow purchased sheets from SCRINTEX fabric.


February 5, 2016

In the House of Cinematographers in Moscow, products (scarves) made from SCRINTEX fabric were awarded to honored workers of our Cinema!


December 5, 2015

The President of the company "SKRINTEKS" was accepted into the Professional Association of Reflex Therapists of Russia.


February 11, 2014

Our products "SCRINTEX" acquire Hollywood stars.