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Before we talk about the fabric itself, you need to make a small introduction and understand the point of view from which scientists looked at the organism when it was created. Most likely, you noticed that in our days advanced scientists look not only at your physiology, but also at your energy component. In fact, you are a complex system of interaction of different electromagnetic fields in a wide range of frequencies - from infra-low to ultra-high. Therefore, your body, as an energy system, forms its own bioenergy field with different frequencies of electromagnetic radiation, which is closely related to its physiological structure. If it is easier to say, then the biofield reflects the physiology at 100%. 



Did you have a feeling that you want to be with one person next to you, and next to another you want to quickly get away? These desires are produced by the interaction of your and his biofields. Your aura is not a constant and dependent value. On the one hand, it is determined by the electromagnetic radiation of your body, and on the other hand, by the action of external electromagnetic fields in your environment.


Yes, the mass of everything. From poisoned ecology to a huge number of artificial sources of electromagnetic radiation. In fact, we live in concrete boxes, permeated and entangled with electric wires. Yes, and a lot of equipment in every home ... All this leads to abnormal changes in your biofield, because all of this is a powerful electromagnetic interference for natural processes. Anomalies in the structure of your bioenergy field ultimately lead to destructive changes at the cellular level of your physical body. Remember: Any disease can first appear at the level of the bioenergy field - even before cellular changes take place at the physical level!

And here now the most interesting thing begins.

Your physical body in a healthy state is in resonance with certain energy frequencies. That is, sorry for the expression, you are "fonite" at a certain, normal level. In the case of illness, internal homeostatic mechanisms are involved. Their goal is to return all functional systems to the normal state as possible. At the same time, the resonance of vibrations occurs at other frequencies, since the organism is no longer in a normal state, but in the process of recovery. That is, in the recovery process, you “fonte” at the recovery frequencies. And now the most important thing. If the body can produce more energy at the recovery frequencies, it will cope with the disease faster and return to its normal state!

The task is to increase the energy at these recovery frequencies so that the processes go faster! It would seem that everything is simple. But we look much deeper! You and I already have in mind that diseases actually originate not in physiology, but in the bioenergy field! Hence the conclusion that recovery must begin with a biofield. You just need to eliminate the anomalies of the biofield! And how to achieve this?

It is necessary to at least temporarily protect your bioenergy field from the effects of electromagnetic fields of the external environment. And also add energy to the body at those frequencies that it needs to go to a normal (healthy) state. This is exactly what helps the wonderful “Screentex” fabric. 

Russian specialists of the research and production company PROBIUS, creating radio-absorbing and radio-reflecting materials, developed a new composite material - “bi-polar fabric” “SKRINTEX” for shielding electromagnetic radiation in a wide frequency range - from several Hz to hundreds of GHz. Long-term studies have shown that if the human body is protected by the above material, then its bioenergy field will be:

the impact of external pathogenic electromagnetic radiation is weakened, but the effect of natural electromagnetic fields to which the organism is adapted will remain;

The electromagnetic radiation of the organism itself dosed out a reflection from these materials only at those frequencies that are necessary for it to go from a disease state to a normal one.

What does the Skrintex help at the physiology level help with? And how to use it?

Various products (sheets, scarves, baby-carriages covers, etc.) were made from the SCRINTEX fabric by the Moscow company PROBIUS and handed over to experts in biology and medicine for testing.


Research, as well as the results of user surveys and questioning, have shown that people who used SCREENTEX products for even a short time (40-60 minutes per day) experienced:

  • normalizes  sleep
  • decreases fatigue
  • increases working capacity
  • relieves a variety of pain,
  • optimizes immune system
  • improves digestion,
  • significantly reduces the time and intensity of drug treatment
  • restores male potency
  • relieves menstrual unease
  • increases libido in men and women
  • relieves headaches
  • normalizes blood pressure


These results have aroused great interest in the SCREENTEX tissue and products made from it by many experts in such fields as endocrinology, urology, gynecology, surgery, cosmetology, psychology, neurology, dermatology, and more.


Specific areas where Skrintex fabric is applicable:

  • Protection of the human body from the effects of external electromagnetic fields generated by artificial sources: power lines, television and radio stations, radar installations, computers, televisions, radio telephones, household appliances, electrical wiring in rooms, etc.
  • Restoration of the human bioenergy field through the use of articles of fabric such as sheets, blankets, shorts, vests, hats, bathrobes, aprons, and more 
  • Protection of people working in constant exposure to powerful electromagnetic fields, such as in airports, railway transport, metro, physiotherapy rooms, computer rooms, power stations, submarines and ships, various control centers, etc.
  • Improved performance and recovery after heavy physical and emotional stress (particularly for professions such as oilmen, gas workers, miners, metallurgists, drivers, machinists, and athletes)
  • Reduce the duration and intensity of the medication period of treating patients in such areas as psychology, neurology, cosmetology, urology, gynecology, surgery, endocrinology, dermatology, oncology, etc.
  • Protection of premises from external sources of electromagnetic radiation and from geopathic zones by placing on objects such as curtains, carpets, and screens
  • Fabric does not deteriorate over time, and can be washed like ordinary cotton fabric







Space-age fabric protects the body from radiation given off by gadgets


The effects of gadgets on the human body have not been thoroughly studied, but some research indicates they can cause chronic weariness, agitation and loss of memory or attention.

The effects of gadgets on the human body have not been thoroughly studied, but some research indicates they can cause chronic weariness, agitation and loss of memory or attention.

Jochen Tack/Global Look Press
Former servicemen stationed with Russia’s missile troops have developed a bipolar fabric for protecting people from electromagnetic radiation found in all kinds of gadgets. This material was once used to hide military equipment from radars. Doctors who tested the material say it restores the body’s defensive functions and strengthens the immune system.

The Screentex bipolar material developed by Russian scientists and former servicemen is designed to protect people from gadgets' harmful effects. It works as a screen and as an absorbent in a wide range of frequencies. The fabric is already sold in the U.S., Greece and Eastern Europe.

Developers say the material can be used in the broadcast industry, civil engineering, medical profession, and other fields. The fabric is based on shielding polymer covers capable of hiding military technology from radars.

"We worked with electromagnetic radiation in the 1970s," said Alexander Titomir, doctor of technical sciences and Screentex founder. "We studied how to protect ourselves from this harmful effect that we were subjected to during the development of the Soyuz spaceship, the reusable Buran spaceship and various space satellite systems. That’s when we got the idea for the material."

Neurologists, surgeons and reflexologists have already shown interest in blankets and pillow cases made from the bipolar material.

Mobile phones and cancer

The effects of gadgets on the human body have not been thoroughly studied, but some research indicates they can cause chronic weariness, agitation and loss of memory or attention. For example, the incessant use of mobile phones over 10 years can create a benign tumor in the auditory nerve, reported the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

"The more we use electronic devises, the quicker the defense resources of the body are exhausted," said Oleg Grigoriev, a biologist and director of the Center for Electromagnetic Security. "The nervous, immune, endocrine and reproductive systems are most sensitive to the radiation."

Effective cure

After using the material for treating illnesses of the nervous system, specialists at several Moscow clinics said Screentex has effective curative powers.

"Positive changes were observed when using the bipolar material to treat the endocrine system, which affects all other body functions," said Victor Venyukov, head doctor at the Insan-Med Clinic. "Hormonal indicators in patients were balanced, nodes in the thyroid gland were reduced, hypertension subsided and sleep improved. Moreover, patients were cured of headaches and joint pains and in general the immune system strengthened."

The material is safe for humans, and use cannot lead to overdosing. It does not interfere with other types of treatment or medicine. The material's base consists of a hydrocarbon, and upon contact, the body reflects its own thermal radiation. It takes place at frequencies in which the affected area is restored. This explains why damaged tissue after an operation, for example, quickly regenerate using bipolar blankets.

"The material is not a panacea for illnesses," said Titomir. "And not even the strongest protection from all the wires that weary the body to such a degree cannot counter external viruses or infections. The material's main merit is that it can stimulate the body’s mechanisms for cell self-regulation and self-restoration."