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Biofield-based fabric Screentex as a secret of your health and longevity!

A human organism is a complicated biological system consisting of a “solid” (physical) body and a “subtle” body, - energetic one. In its turn, the “subtle” energetic body of a human being consists of several “spiritual-energetic” coatings. Factually, our health is strongly based on integrity and correct functioning of all the human body system – of its energetic and physical components. And as for diseases and various disorders, they are distortions of spiritual field energy-structures. And if not to correct those distortions and disorders timely, they would gather pace and pass on the physical level; – a person gets bodily sick. The contemporary life – especially in larger towns – is intensive and even aggressive energetically. Constantly we are subjected to stresses and negative exposures – in municipal transport, underground, at work, in shops, in offices and institutions entangled with bureaucratic nets. Unhealthy energy-climate and awful environment affect our biofield in a negative way. Energy fluxes - that are supposed to be flowing inside of us easily and freely – are being blocked, slowing down, “mixing up”, escaping through slits and breaches in the “subtle” body. And a person gets sick. But most part of those diseases can be prevented, Or their corporal onsets can be substantially diminished, if timely return a personal energy to a human body, to reflect and redistribute the energy-fluxes and to assist in order that all the body organs would work (vibrate) on healthy natural frequencies by the way of blocking all the unhealthy pathological processes in the very beginning.

The unique high-technological domestic development “biofield-based fabric SCREENTEX” resolves these problems. The fabric SCREENTEX is produced with use of space and nano-technologies. The biofield-based fabric is an invention of outstanding Russian (previously Soviet) scientists of Lead Institute of Rocket&Space Complex. The fabric production technology was worked out on several Russian plants. And a part of equipment for its production was invented and made on a by-order basis. This equipment is unparalleled in the world. Today products made of the biofield-based fabric are produced by the company SCREENTEX in an industrial scale.

So the biofield-based fabric SCREENTEX is able to:

- protect a human biofield from external harmful technogenic and household electromagnetic emissions;

 - substantially improve work of all body systems and vital functions;

- prominently strengthen immunity and exert general healthful action onto body;

 - pull down diverse pain senses (postsurgical pains, menstrual ones, ones because of traumas, bilious headaches, etc.);

 - reduce the impact of natural calamities on your body, for example prevent pressure jumps and mitigate any uncomfortable conditions of meteo-dependent people;

- restore a person’s biofield in a careful and wise way;

 - reflect and re-distibute person’s “own healthy irradiance”;

 - adjust circulation of energy-fluxes in person’s body, specifically direct and strengthen healthy fluxes and block destructive fluxes and processes in the body;

- stimulate and enhance work of body’s energy-centers (chakras);

- boost psychic-emotional stability to stresses and tangled situations;

- alleviate psychological and physical tension in easy and quick way, relax the body and saturate it with energy;

- start up a process of a body bio-correction, self-tuning, in frame of which all vital functions are restored with time by natural way – without drugs;

 - supplement a traditional drugsbased treatment or physiotherapy when a disease is already in its high gear or has a chronic run. Due to the composite treatment – traditional one plus alternative one, – with use of the biofieldbased fabric SCREENTEX, a patient’s recovery runs more intensively and finally the result is reached faster;

- facilitate person’s entering into a meditative state and stabilize retention of the needed state up to a spiritual process finishing. This way, acting as a wise healer and re-reflecting body’s own irradiance on reconstructive frequencies, the biofield-based fabric SCREENTEX revitalizes and tunes the human body for a life of full value free from any ailments. Besides, the fabric SCREENTEX is a wonderful prophylactic agent and a “tool” improving efficiency of traditional methods of curing people. Of this unique fabric, SCREENTEX Moscow’s plant produces various textile products: glasses, helmets, shawls, bedsheets, plaid blankets, bedspreads for the kids, capsules, etc.

The fabric SCREENTEX is absolutely safe and suits to everyone. It does not lose its properties after multiple wet washes. It is light in its weight, well air-permeable, pleasant both visually and by-touch. The fabric is easy in use and taking care of: it does not require any special conditions for laundry or storing. The biofield-based fabric SCREENTEX has been tested by medical experts, it has certificates, expert conclusions of specialists and awards of international exhibitions. By way of numerous researches, it was proved that with the aid of the products made of the fabric SCREENTEX, a human body restores its health independently without drugs by launching and activating of its personal protective mechanisms. Cells structure is restored, gratifying to which the health is considerably improved of both single organs and whole systems of human vital functions. Immunity is strengthened as well.



Olga, 28, Moscow

SCRINTEX fabric has completely changed my life! 8 months ago - gray boring everyday life, regular hassle, unsuccessful search for interesting work, tense relations at home, and as a result - disgusting state of health, neuralgia (which is not treated at all with allopathic medicine), a lost cycle and painful periods, complete disharmony of the hormonal system (even experienced the gynecologist could not bring her to an adequate condition, it only got worse), poor skin condition ... A kind of "loser's suitcase."

But the Universe turned out to be generous, and I was diagnosed in the Skintex office. Killed energy, "full of holes" aura and overstrain of all systems only confirmed my condition. In life, I am a cautious and distrustful person, but sensitive intuition insistently repeated, “Buy it, you need it.” Bought a sheet.

What was my surprise when I, an owl to the bone, began to wake up to half past six in the morning without an alarm clock, and get enough sleep! Further more! I was unexpectedly found a wonderful job and refresher courses, my environment was rapidly replenished with pleasant and interesting people, new and long-sought-after classes!

The state of health and mood with each week became better, and misunderstandings and quarrels at home began to decline. After 3 months, I came to re-diagnosis. The aura is not yet fully, but has already grown very well, the excessive stress is gone. And never during these 3 months did not disturb the "favorite" chronic bronchitis! The condition of the bronchi and lungs became almost perfect, despite the fact that before the first measurement I had a lot of bronchitis.

Now the rhythm of my life is growing, the energy is in full swing and there is enough time and energy for everything! Thanks fabric!


Elena, 62, Moscow

Good day! I want to express my deep gratitude to the developers of the amazing SCRINTEX fabric! The fabric gave me the opportunity to safely drive and feel alive and almost healthy! Six months ago, I suffered from frequent numbness in my hands. At night, my hands were so numb that in the morning I had to massage them for more than an hour to restore sensitivity. But worse was that the hands were numb at the wheel. Driving a car on my own was my dream from early childhood, but it was realized only at 45, and now for me every day, every hour of driving is rest and a holiday for the soul. And how scary it is when you realize that “wooden” hands at any moment can destroy not only this joy itself, but also the life and health of not only mine, but also my beloved family!

Going to a cardiologist, I received a disappointing answer, they say, you already lived so well (and such answers are already addressed to 40-year-olds, who are still quite young!). After such a replica of the doctor, life became hard, the hands dropped, the state was depressed, insomnia became a constant night guest. My daughter saved me by giving me a SCRINTEX sheet and a couple of bottles of Iodine-Selenium Water Concentrate.

Frankly, I did not believe at first, and was skeptical of such a gift. During the first week of sleep, under my cloth, my nose was bleeding a little, which frightened me. But at the same time, I began to fall asleep, albeit briefly. Daughter persuaded to continue to cover, in spite of everything, and was right. The bleeding stopped, and during the next measurement of pressure (I’ve been hypotonic all my life), it turned out that it tends to an average statistical rate, and my state of health is excellent! (this is despite the fact that even in youth the pressure of 110x70 was 170x90 for me for normal pressure!).

Over time, I began to notice that the dream became longer and calmer, the mood gradually stabilized, and most importantly - my hands became less numb! Already half a year now, as I constantly sleep under the Skintex sheet, my hands have completely ceased to go numb! This is amazing and beautiful! The fabric made a miracle that was beyond the power of medicine! And besides this, I noted another noticeable effect. I am a smoker with great experience, but a year ago I was forced to quit sharply due to complicated pneumonia. Her lungs hurt, wheezed, gurgled, and no medicines, syrups, infusions helped. Now I feel much better, more cheerful, and my lungs are no longer sore and wheezing. Therefore - thank you very much for such a wonderful invention of the company SKRINTEX and its president, one of the developers of the fabric - AK Titomir!

Victoria, cosmetologist-mesotherapist

I use the fabric for several years. Among the new shorts appeared.

The effect, as always, pleasantly surprised. 
Pain relieves literally in 2-3 minutes. 
The feeling of discomfort that accompanies women on certain days every month disappears in principle.

Fabric contributes to solving problems that are usually resolved only promptly. At first, it seems that the disease goes into an exacerbation stage, but in the treatment of some diseases it is impossible without a temporary deterioration. 

Used shorts for only a month and most of the health problems were resolved.

I am very pleased with the purchase, I will gladly use it further and, of course, I will come for other novelties.


Kerova Zh.B., 67 years old.

Born in the city. Baku. 30 years ago came to Stavropol. I am the mother of my 47th daughter, Irina. 4 years ago, Irochke was diagnosed with a disappointing lung Sarcoidosis. Of course, there was such a panic in the whole family, I could not find a place for myself, I forgot what a dream is.

She shared her grief with her friend from Baku. She advised me to contact the firm "Skintex". 
I immediately contacted Alexander Titomir, the developer, and the head of the company Skrinteks. It was under his leadership that the company developed the material that they delivered to me with their agent.

Daughter every night wrapped in this fabric. It became easier for her to breathe, and after 3 months her readings changed for the better - the disease receded. 
A year has passed and Ira got better.

I personally thank Alexander Titomir and all his company for everything they do for people. 
I thank God that there are such responsive people here in Russia. 
Kowtow to them.


Vlad, Praha, 47 let Únor 2017, Praha

Hello! I would like to share my experience and impressions from the use of Screentex bio-active tissue.

Since childhood, I have been actively involved in sports. At the age of 21, I received a serious spinal injury in training. He was forced to stop playing sports for a long time and start treating the spine.

During the year, we managed to get rid of severe pains in the spine, but we could not completely solve the problem. Over the next 20 years, every year there were recurrent long-term bouts of pain, constantly feeling a tightness in the lumbar spine.

Everything changed when I started using Screentex products from bio-active tissue. During the first week of Screentex use, lumbar pains almost disappeared. A month later, the pain stopped altogether. I started to play sports again regularly, every day I run 8-10 kilometers.

In recent years, the Screentex blanket and bandana cloth has helped me keep my body in order. Often after intensive workouts, use Screentex Plaid for 40-45 minutes to restore the body

In addition, I almost always use the Screentex bandanna when working with computers and mobile phones. I can work at a computer for 5-6 hours without a break and at the same time not experience discomfort (eye strain, heaviness in my head), which appear almost immediately if you work at a computer without Screentex.

My sincere belief that Screentex fabric products are an indispensable tool for every person who cares about their health.

I thank the creators of Screentex fabric and the firm SOLIHA, thanks to which I and other people got a unique opportunity to use these magic items to heal and maintain health.