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Bioactive fabric as a secret of your health and longevity!

A human organism is a complicated biological system consisting of a “solid” (physical) body and a “subtle” body, - energetic one. In its turn, the “subtle” energetic body of a human being consists of several “spiritual-energetic” coatings. Factually, our health is strongly based on integrity and correct functioning of all the human body system – of its energetic and physical components. And as for diseases and various disorders, they are distortions of spiritual field energy-structures. And if not to correct those distortions and disorders timely, they would gather pace and pass on the physical level; – a person gets bodily sick. The contemporary life – especially in larger towns – is intensive and even aggressive energetically. Constantly we are subjected to stresses and negative exposures – in municipal transport, underground, at work, in shops, in offices and institutions entangled with bureaucratic nets. Unhealthy energy-climate and awful environment affect our biofield in a negative way. Energy fluxes - that are supposed to be flowing inside of us easily and freely – are being blocked, slowing down, “mixing up”, escaping through slits and breaches in the “subtle” body. And a person gets sick. But most part of those diseases can be prevented, Or their corporal onsets can be substantially diminished, if timely return a personal energy to a human body, to reflect and redistribute the energy-fluxes and to assist in order that all the body organs would work (vibrate) on healthy natural frequencies by the way of blocking all the unhealthy pathological processes in the very beginning.

The unique high-technological domestic development “biofield-based fabric" resolves these problems. The fabric is produced with use of space and nano-technologies.

So the biofield-based fabric is able to:

- protect a human biofield from external harmful technogenic and household electromagnetic emissions;

- substantially improve work of all body systems and vital functions;

- prominently strengthen immunity and exert general healthful action onto body;

- pull down diverse pain senses (postsurgical pains, menstrual ones, ones because of traumas, bilious headaches, etc.);

- reduce the impact of natural calamities on your body, for example prevent pressure jumps and mitigate any uncomfortable conditions of meteo-dependent people;

- restore a person’s biofield in a careful and wise way;

- reflect and re-distibute person’s “own healthy irradiance”;

- adjust circulation of energy-fluxes in person’s body, specifically direct and strengthen healthy fluxes and block destructive fluxes and processes in the body;

- stimulate and enhance work of body’s energy-centers (chakras);

- boost psychic-emotional stability to stresses and tangled situations;

- alleviate psychological and physical tension in easy and quick way, relax the body and saturate it with energy;

- start up a process of a body bio-correction, self-tuning, in frame of which all vital functions are restored with time by natural way – without drugs;

- supplement a traditional drugsbased treatment or physiotherapy when a disease is already in its high gear or has a chronic run. Due to the composite treatment – traditional one plus alternative one, – with use of the biofieldbased fabric, a patient’s recovery runs more intensively and finally the result is reached faster;

- facilitate person’s entering into a meditative state and stabilize retention of the needed state up to a spiritual process finishing. This way, acting as a wise healer and re-reflecting body’s own irradiance on reconstructive frequencies, the biofield-based fabric revitalizes and tunes the human body for a life of full value free from any ailments. Besides, the fabric is a wonderful prophylactic agent and a “tool” improving efficiency of traditional methods of curing people.


The fabric is absolutely safe and suits to everyone. It does not lose its properties after multiple wet washes. The fabric is easy in use and taking care of: it does not require any special conditions for laundry or storing.
It was proved that with the aid of the products made of such fabric, a human body restores its health independently without drugs by launching and activating of its personal protective mechanisms. Cells structure is restored, gratifying to which the health is considerably improved of both single organs and whole systems of human vital functions. Immunity is strengthened as well.





Space-age fabric protects the body from radiation given off by gadgets

The effects of gadgets on the human body have not been thoroughly studied, but some research indicates they can cause chronic weariness, agitation and loss of memory or attention.

The effects of gadgets on the human body have not been thoroughly studied, but some research indicates they can cause chronic weariness, agitation and loss of memory or attention.

Jochen Tack/Global Look Press
Former servicemen stationed with Russia’s missile troops have developed a bipolar fabric for protecting people from electromagnetic radiation found in all kinds of gadgets. This material was once used to hide military equipment from radars. Doctors who tested the material say it restores the body’s defensive functions and strengthens the immune system.

The Screentex bipolar material developed by Russian scientists and former servicemen is designed to protect people from gadgets' harmful effects. It works as a screen and as an absorbent in a wide range of frequencies. The fabric is already sold in the U.S., Greece and Eastern Europe.

Developers say the material can be used in the broadcast industry, civil engineering, medical profession, and other fields. The fabric is based on shielding polymer covers capable of hiding military technology from radars.

"We worked with electromagnetic radiation in the 1970s," said Alexander Titomir, doctor of technical sciences and Screentex founder. "We studied how to protect ourselves from this harmful effect that we were subjected to during the development of the Soyuz spaceship, the reusable Buran spaceship and various space satellite systems. That’s when we got the idea for the material."

Neurologists, surgeons and reflexologists have already shown interest in blankets and pillow cases made from the bipolar material.

Mobile phones and cancer

The effects of gadgets on the human body have not been thoroughly studied, but some research indicates they can cause chronic weariness, agitation and loss of memory or attention. For example, the incessant use of mobile phones over 10 years can create a benign tumor in the auditory nerve, reported the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

"The more we use electronic devises, the quicker the defense resources of the body are exhausted," said Oleg Grigoriev, a biologist and director of the Center for Electromagnetic Security. "The nervous, immune, endocrine and reproductive systems are most sensitive to the radiation."

Effective cure

After using the material for treating illnesses of the nervous system, specialists at several Moscow clinics said Screentex has effective curative powers.

"Positive changes were observed when using the bipolar material to treat the endocrine system, which affects all other body functions," said Victor Venyukov, head doctor at the Insan-Med Clinic. "Hormonal indicators in patients were balanced, nodes in the thyroid gland were reduced, hypertension subsided and sleep improved. Moreover, patients were cured of headaches and joint pains and in general the immune system strengthened."

The material is safe for humans, and use cannot lead to overdosing. It does not interfere with other types of treatment or medicine. The material's base consists of a hydrocarbon, and upon contact, the body reflects its own thermal radiation. It takes place at frequencies in which the affected area is restored. This explains why damaged tissue after an operation, for example, quickly regenerate using bipolar blankets.

"The material is not a panacea for illnesses," said Titomir. "And not even the strongest protection from all the wires that weary the body to such a degree cannot counter external viruses or infections. The material's main merit is that it can stimulate the body’s mechanisms for cell self-regulation and self-restoration."







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March 31, 2019 Interview on in the “Image of Time” program



October 31, 2018 Ambassadors of Cote di Vouar and Benin were among the first to acquire our unique Baseball Caps:



October 25, 2018   started the production of baseball caps



September 10, 2018   Launched the second line for the production of fabric:





September 25, 2017   Program Robert Stein (Germany). 



September 4, 2017   Hitoshi Hirano. Interview with Alexander Titomir



August 4, 2017  

The film “127 Hours” (USA and Great Britain) is a true story of the mountaineer and conqueror of canyons Aron Ralston, who in 2003 spent nearly six days in a mountain cleft after his hand was clamped with a stone weighing more than 300 kilograms. The role of Ralston brilliantly played a popular Hollywood artist James Franco. The film accurately recreated the set of equipment that Ralston had with him. In addition to one detail - the bioactive fabric was added to the equipment !!! The fact is that in 2008, the film's director Danny Boyle received a blanket as a gift. He was delighted with the properties of this fabric and almost never parted with it. And when the shooting of the film began, he added his blanket to the climber's outfit, especially since its weight is only 300 grams !!!

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April 5, 2016

Raimondas Shilanskas is an actor on the Lithuanian TV, the only and unbeatable King of anecdotes.



March 7, 2016

Club "KINO" in Moscow purchased as a gifts shawls and scarves:



February 16, 2016

The leaders of sports organizations are happy to use bioactive fabric products:

Yakimets Peter

Head of Sporting Events

Domashchenko Andrew

President of the National Army Sports Association


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